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His and Hers Wine Gift - Lavish Gifts

His and hers wine gift for bride and groom in the honeymoon suite - Lavish GiftsHis and hers wine gift from Lavish GiftsTwo friends were tying the knot in a beachside resort wedding, this pair was set up in their hotel room for bedside indulgences. A his and hers wine gift: pinot noir from Expression 44 for the groom -very well reviewed- and a corkscrew to do the honors. Tasty bits to accompany include artisan cheese crisps, chili pepper crackers from the U.K. and Texas Firecrackers. For her it’s a California Chardonnay from Cru, along with two wine tumblers. Fine chocolate in the form of the Marital Bliss Bar from Bloomsberry (part milk and part dark) as well as the Little Book of I Love You.


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