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Bumblebee Cupcakes

Bumblebee Cupcakes

Baby Kenzie Bea’s first birthday was this past week. So I went all out and planned a bee themed party for her. My friend, an awesome baker and cupcake diva, Sarah at Sugar Shack , here in Houston, made the most fantastic chocolate and buttermilk cupcakes. She frosted them with stripes and I made these funny little paper wings. The wings were just brown shimmer paper cutout (freeform style) and glued to a glorified tooth pick called craft picks (picks and paper were bought at Michael’s).

I also used the most fantastic idea for a ribbon chandelier decoration that I found on The Hostess Blog – and added on a few faux bees for good measure. The decoration turned out a bit differently than I planned but at 1am you sometimes have to make sacrifices. The whole thing turned out so cute.

Bumblebee decorated cupcakes from Sugar Shack

Bumblebee cupcakes swarm birthday party!

Thanks Sarah – you’re the bees knees.

Can't deal with this mini wedding cake!!!

Can't deal with the faux wedding cake from Sugar Shack!

The bridal event was a huge success! Sunday we showcased wedding favors – including our favorite  hear-shaped birdseed tree charm favors. We decorated a centerpiece for our table with them and they looked so cute with lovebirds in our tree.

The other big fave is our pinwheels and pinwheel cupcake toppers. They are sooooo cute. Our friend at Sugar Shack, Sarah De Lachica, brought her yummy cupcakes and displayed the pinwheel toppers.  We also showed cootie catchers which were popular. Apparently Martha Stewart showed these in her latest magazine. We love them and you use them for so many things:  do a program for the ceremony, a menu or trivia about the bride and groom (that would work well for shower favors).

The other thing we are loving in a big way are the ceramic birds eggs in nests. These can be used as placecards as well as wedding favors and are just so sweet. We love these on the tablescape and they complete the lovebird theme. You can customize them with any word you want, names or date of the ceremony. This is so much fun and the designer who makes these has the best ideas in ceramic. We have more coming from her so look out for that.

Another favorite was the bachelorette party in a box. This is so great for the bad girl bachelorette who wants to skip the tacky stuff. We love the table topics to go in the bachelorette edition.

Thank you so much Sari Motley Cosmetics for opening your fab space to the lovely brides-to-be and their entourages. We had a great time and really enjoyed it.

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