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Here are a few fun ideas for Christmas takeaways. I found two styles of chinese food style containers that I really liked – then topped them with a wood cutout that coordinated. My sister Aimee, Kenzie (my daughter) and I made traditional cutout Christmas sugar cookies with a 40-year-old recipe. Next, we attached Amazon gift cards to these for my husband’s company Christmas party. Cookies AND free stuff!

Christmas party favor with homemade sugar cookiesParty favors with Christmas cutout sugar cookiesLavish Gifts sugar cookieGingerbread house takeaway containers for sugar cookie party favorsSugar cookie takeaway containers in gingerbread house style for Christmas party favors


So the idea was a perfect bon voyage gift to wrap up the summer for a SoCaL weekend. It includes a Morse Coded gold bead necklace on silk cord – the beads make the word Amore in morse code; Gold zipper top Tyvek clutch/bag from Vere, Chalk board travel candle  from Mine (this includes chalk and the top can be used as a chalkboard); two silicon makeup or miscellaneous bags for her purse or carry-on one is purple and one is orange – gotta love Japanese design; Dwell bag tag in an elephant shape in orange canvas; Silicon bag tag in purple; Tokyomilk Body Cream in Tainted Love scent, Tokyomilk lip balm in La Vie en Rose, two excellent self-tanning towels from Tantowel; matching printed tissues for her bag all packed into a chic basket. LOVE this gift, its my favorite idea of the moment! $265.Getaway Kit Gift Basket from Lavish Gifts

Getaway Kit from Lavish Gifts Dwell elephant bag tag, silicon pouches

Gift Basket for KidsI love this for a kid’s birthday gift in the spring or early fall because it’s so interactive. It was an auction item for my daughter’s school benefit. The little gardeners gift basket includes 2 pint-sized bright metal watering cans, colorful kid’s trowel and cultivator, decorated bird house with birdseed, “Leafy Wonders” kid’s grow kit  – including pots, seeds and instructional book, additional vegetable seeds and super-cute hardback book “In The Garden”  – all packaged in versatile green rubber bin from Tubtrugs. I love these non-baskets because they come in great colors and have a million uses.

Thanksgiving Gift Basket from Lavish GiftsWe’ve created some fun gift collections for family or business Thanksgiving gifts. Falls colors are always inspiring – so for this one we chose a striking palette and some fun fall ornaments. We always believe in re-use and this green shimmer basket is just the ticket. Next, we stacked it with lovely organic pears and apples and, of  course, a gourd (love the funny shape). Cozy Winter Night Coffee from Lola Savannah in the cute gold envelope is super rich for the season. We can’t resist yummy chocolate mix (this one is from Central Market). Chili lime cashews are always in season. And we top it off with a hazelnut brownie from our favorite, Miss Butter’s in Austin.  Their Kona Buzz brownie is serious business – definitely for splitting. Taste one and you’ll see what we mean. $45. Email me at for ordering info or call 832-620-6518.

This tiny couple loves to share desserts

This tiny couple loves to share desserts

We love these adorable cake or cupcake toppers for wedding cakes or shower celebrations. There is something decidedly un-wedding about them. Something about them reminds me of the Sunday funny papers or maybe its weeble wobbles – but these two seem to have their own little story to tell…

Made of wood and hand-painted, the size works really well for cupcakes or a full-fledged wedding cake. We noticed that Design Sponge (who we love) also likes these and has featured them. If you’d like to purchase these sweeties just email us at $40 for the pair.

We are so excited to announce that Lavish will be participating in our first bridal event here in Houston this weekend! We will be showing the cutest wedding favors I have ever seen and awesome gift collections in our signature boxes. We are planning to showcase a bachelorette box and also a bridesmaids thank you gift box as well. Can’t wait to report on the event as we have had such a huge number of RSVPs for the event that we actually had to hire a valet. Yikes! Bridezillas bring it on. The event is this Sunday, May 17th starting at noon at the Sari Motley Cosmetics studio. Her studio is located at 1724 Marshall Street. Contact if you need info!

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