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The spider really tops it off in a spooky way!

The spider really tops it off in a spooky way!

Today we shipped out a fantastic custom Halloween gift basket for a college student. Her mom wanted something with all her favorite goodies. We included Starbucks Frappuccino (to keep her up for the all night study sessions), Smart Pop popcorn and lots of gourmet snacks and nuts to keep her energy up.

This particular collegiate is also a member of Chi Omega sorority so we found the coolest tote bag with her sorority mascot (the red owl) printed on the front. The owl works perfectly in the Halloween theme as well.

We put everything in a cute Halloween bowl and wrapped it with a creepy stuffed spider on top. Boo!

Bumblebee Cupcakes

Bumblebee Cupcakes

Baby Kenzie Bea’s first birthday was this past week. So I went all out and planned a bee themed party for her. My friend, an awesome baker and cupcake diva, Sarah at Sugar Shack , here in Houston, made the most fantastic chocolate and buttermilk cupcakes. She frosted them with stripes and I made these funny little paper wings. The wings were just brown shimmer paper cutout (freeform style) and glued to a glorified tooth pick called craft picks (picks and paper were bought at Michael’s).

I also used the most fantastic idea for a ribbon chandelier decoration that I found on The Hostess Blog – and added on a few faux bees for good measure. The decoration turned out a bit differently than I planned but at 1am you sometimes have to make sacrifices. The whole thing turned out so cute.

Bumblebee decorated cupcakes from Sugar Shack

Bumblebee cupcakes swarm birthday party!

Thanks Sarah – you’re the bees knees.

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