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Housewarming Gift BasketFantastic! This is a realtor’s prayer answered. The perfect realtor client gift or housewarming gift. This super basket has eco friendly products from Eco ME out of New Zealand. We included Bill (all-purpose cleaner), Kate (wood polish), Suzy (dish soap), and Emily (scrub cleanser). This mean team gets the job done green. Two Bubble Scrubbers in pink and green can be used to blow bubbles while you do the dirty work. The mini Home Owner’s Manual is a useful and often cheeky guide to keeping up your new digs. Pretty Pantry Gifts is a fun kit to label and decorate containers in your kitchen with super cute tags and labels. Key Shirts keep your keys organized in cute little micro tee shirts. And finally, the Handy Home Organizer – think trapper keeper for your receipts and pertinent home info. This means your junk drawer can get a clean sweep too. We wrapped it all up in the angled white metal beverage tub.┬áVoila, home sweet home! Email me at for ordering information.


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