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Marcus and I met last night to hash out our mission and really put down what it is we believe in as Lavish Gifts. After talking through everything we came up with a few maxims about gift baskets and gift giving in general. We also had a bit of help this week from Aimee over at Deuce Creative – thank you Aim. This season seems like the most appropriate time to stand up for gift giving that isn’t about more stuff that you don’t want!







lavish declaration #1
gift baskets aren’t all made of wicker


lavish declaration #2

a gift you want to give means more than a gift you have to give


lavish declaration #3
send a gift basket with brain food – not bad food


lavish declaration #4
send a gift basket you love to someone you do


lavish infinite declaration
send and you shall receive









We have been so consumed with designing the website for the past few weeks! We did manage to get the splash page in place ( with the basics. Once our branding was complete we were so glad to begin the full-scale website build-out. Its funny how you can have a vision for something like a website, and when you receive someone else’s design for it you are instantly like “no this isn’t it!!” Last night we sat down together and cut and pasted the different designs we received from our developer and made our own design out of it. We had been feeling a bit helpless. We know what we want but lack the technical skills to put it together on a computer. Once we cut and taped everything down on the page last night we realized what we learn over and over again which is TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

As soon as we saw the pasted up mockup we felt really great about it! After all, we have done the research, found sites we love, talked about inspiration and most importantly we understand the products and know the point of our website. The reason for being is ours after all.

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