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Gift Basket for KidsI love this for a kid’s birthday gift in the spring or early fall because it’s so interactive. It was an auction item for my daughter’s school benefit. The little gardeners gift basket includes 2 pint-sized bright metal watering cans, colorful kid’s trowel and cultivator, decorated bird house with birdseed, “Leafy Wonders” kid’s grow kit  – including pots, seeds and instructional book, additional vegetable seeds and super-cute hardback book “In The Garden”  – all packaged in versatile green rubber bin from Tubtrugs. I love these non-baskets because they come in great colors and have a million uses.
Bumblebee Cupcakes

Bumblebee Cupcakes

Baby Kenzie Bea’s first birthday was this past week. So I went all out and planned a bee themed party for her. My friend, an awesome baker and cupcake diva, Sarah at Sugar Shack , here in Houston, made the most fantastic chocolate and buttermilk cupcakes. She frosted them with stripes and I made these funny little paper wings. The wings were just brown shimmer paper cutout (freeform style) and glued to a glorified tooth pick called craft picks (picks and paper were bought at Michael’s).

I also used the most fantastic idea for a ribbon chandelier decoration that I found on The Hostess Blog – and added on a few faux bees for good measure. The decoration turned out a bit differently than I planned but at 1am you sometimes have to make sacrifices. The whole thing turned out so cute.

Bumblebee decorated cupcakes from Sugar Shack

Bumblebee cupcakes swarm birthday party!

Thanks Sarah – you’re the bees knees.

signs1When Jennifer had her baby, Kenzie, in September I wanted to give her a gift that would be very special.  I didn’t really want to give a “traditional” gift, but I wanted something that would feel very personal.  So I called up my friend Kevin Casey who is an amazingly talented astrologist.  He had recently read a chart for me that was incredibly accurate and I thought it would be a great idea to have him create a chart for baby Kenzie for Jennifer and Toby to have as a keepsake.  He created a child development chart.  It helps parents bring to light the great qualities that their child will have and develop throughout their childhood.  It was perfect.  To get a reading from Kevin please email him at

Jennifer and Baby


We have been waiting 9 long months, but Jennifer gave birth to a baby girl on September 3, 2008 at 4:22 am!  After almost 24 hours of labor she made her debut.  She came in at 8 lbs and is healthy, beautiful, and perfect!  What else would we have expected from Jennifer and Toby?  Congratulations Jennifer and Toby!!!

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