Thanksgiving Gift Basket from Lavish GiftsWe’ve created some fun gift collections for family or business Thanksgiving gifts. Falls colors are always inspiring – so for this one we chose a striking palette and some fun fall ornaments. We always believe in re-use and this green shimmer basket is just the ticket. Next, we stacked it with lovely organic pears and apples and, of  course, a gourd (love the funny shape). Cozy Winter Night Coffee from Lola Savannah in the cute gold envelope is super rich for the season. We can’t resist yummy chocolate mix (this one is from Central Market). Chili lime cashews are always in season. And we top it off with a hazelnut brownie from our favorite, Miss Butter’s in Austin.  Their Kona Buzz brownie is serious business – definitely for splitting. Taste one and you’ll see what we mean. $45. Email me at for ordering info or call 832-620-6518.